全部 更多 100μg/mL 1000μg/mL 不同浓度 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于H2O 1000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid 100μg/mL溶于H2O 1000mg/L 10000µg/ml溶于2.0mol/L HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HNO3 100 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl 见证书 10000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid 100mg/L 10μg/mL 10000µg/ml溶于H2O 500μg/mL 500mg/L 1000 μg/mL in 5% HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 50μg/mL 1000 mg/l溶于0.5 mol/l的HNO3 100µg/mL 2000μg/mL 10 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid 10μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 100μg/mL溶于5% HCl 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 500μg/mL溶于H2O 见详情 10000μg/mL 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含Cl- 见包装 1000 μg/mL in Water, tr Hydrofluoric acid 100μg/mL溶于1%HNO3 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 1μg/mL / 0µg/mL 1.0µg/mL 5.0µg/mL 50.0µg/mL 100.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 1000 μg/mL in Water, tr Ammonium hydroxide 1000μg/mL溶于1%HNO3 0.5µg/mL 2.0µg/mL 4.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 100 μg/mL in 10% Hydrochloric acid 1000 μg/mL in 20% HCl 5000μg/mL 1000 μg/mL in 10% Hydrochloric acid 10000 μg/mL in 10% Hydrochloric acid 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含Cl- 100μg/mL溶于5%HNO3 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 20μg/mL 100 μg/mL in Water, tr Hydrofluoric acid 1000 mg/溶于1000 mg/l的H2O 1000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Hydrofluoric acid 10000 μg/mL in Water, tr Hydrofluoric acid 10000µg/ml溶于 1000µg/mL 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HNO3 and tr.HF 1000μg/mL溶于2.0mol/L HCl 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 and tr.HF 200μg/mL 2μg/mL Varied conc. in 2-5% Nitric Acid 0.1000mol/L左右 100 μg/mL in Water, tr Ammonium hydroxide 1000 µg/mL 1000 μg/mL in Water 10000 μg/mL in Water, tr Ammonium hydroxide 10000mg/L 10000µg/ml溶于0.05mol/L NaOH 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HCL 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HNO3andtr.HF 10000µg/ml溶于H2O(含K+) 1000mg/L溶于1%HNO3 1000mg/L溶于2%HNO3 1000ug/mL 1000μg/mL溶于0.05mol/L NaOH 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HCl 1000μg/mL溶于10%HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于2.0mol/L HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于H2O(含K+) 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,HCl,tr.HF 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF,含Na+ 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含K+ 100μg/mL溶于5%HCL 100μg/mL溶于H2O,含K+ 100μg/mL溶于tr.NaOH 10mg/L 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HF 10μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 10μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl 10μg/mL溶于H2O 264μg/mL溶于汽油 500mg/L 溶剂:1%盐酸 500μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 c(HCl)=2 mol/L c(K)=1000 μg/mL w(C27H28O5Br2S)=0.5 g/L 10.0µg/mL 20.0µg/mL 50.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3,tr. HCl (3%硝酸和微量盐酸)】 15.0µg/mL 25.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 1000 mg/l溶于2 mol/l的HNO3 1000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Tartaric acid 1000 μg/mL in 5% HNO3, tr. HF 1000 μg/mL in 5% Hydrochloric acid 10000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Hydrofluoric acid 10000µg/ml溶于0.5mol/L HNO3 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HF 10000µg/ml溶于2.0mol/L HCL 1000ppm 1000ug/mL于10% HCl 1000ug/mL于5% HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于% HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HF 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl 1000μg/mL溶于5%HCL 1000μg/mL溶于5%HCl 100μg/mL溶于% HNO3 100μg/mL溶于2.0mol/L HCl 100μg/mL溶于3% HF 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含Na+ 100μg/mL溶于5%HCl 2000mg/L 20μg/mL溶于H2O 250ml 3000μg/mL 30NTU溶于H2O 35μg/mL 4mg/L 5% Nitric Acid 50000μg/mL 5000mg/L 5μg/mL PH=9.18 Water c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.12 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.05 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.1 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(AgNO3)=1 mol/L c(Al)=1 μg/mL c(Al)=1000 μg/mL c(Al)=5 μg/mL c(Al)=50 μg/mL c(Al)=500 μg/mL c(Al,Ba,Fe,Mn,Ca,Mg,K,Na)=100 μg/mL c(As)=0.1 μg/mL c(As)=1 μg/mL c(As)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Cu,Hg,Ni,Pb,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(B)=100 μg/mL c(Ca)=1000 μg/mL c(Co)=100 μg/mL c(Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Cr)=5 μg/mL c(Cs)=100 μg/mL c(Cs)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Cr,Cd,Ni,Zn,V,Li,Co,Na,Al,Se,Ag,Mg,Ba,Mn,Bi,K,As,Sr,Ca,Fe)=10 μg/mL c(EDTA-2Na)=0.05 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.1 mol/L c(Fe)=10 μg/mL c(Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe)=4 μg/mL c(FeCl3)=0.1 mol/L c(HCl)=0.05 mol/L c(HCl)=0.1 mol/L c(HCl)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(HCl)=0.2 mol/L c(HCl)=0.5 mol/L c(HCl)=1 mol/L c(Hg)=100 μg/mL c(Hg)=1000 μg/mL c(Li)=100 μg/mL c(Mg)=1000 μg/mL c(Mn)=1000 μg/mL c(N)=50 μg/mL c(NH4SCN)=0.1 mol/L c(Na)=100 μg/mL c(Na)=1000 μg/mL c(Na)=200 μg/mL c(Na)=230 μg/mL c(Na)=50 μg/mL c(Na2S2O3)=0.01 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.05 mol/L c(NaClO)=0.1 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.01 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.05 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.1 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.5 mol/L c(NaOH)=1 mol/L c(P)=0.1 μg/mL c(P)=0.2 μg/mL c(P)=0.5 μg/mL c(P)=1 μg/mL c(P)=10 μg/mL c(P)=100 μg/mL c(P)=1000 μg/mL c(P)=2 μg/mL c(P)=20 μg/mL c(P)=50 μg/mL c(P)=500 μg/mL c(Pd)=2 μg/mL c(Pd)=4 μg/mL c(Pd)=6 μg/mL c(Pd)=8 μg/mL c(S)=4.76 mg/L c(Sb)=1 μg/mL c(Sb)=100 μg/mL c(Sb)=1000 μg/mL c(V)=100 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.5 μg/mL c(Zn)=1 μg/mL c(Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Zn)=2 μg/mL c(ZnO)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(ZnSO4)=0.1 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.1 mol/L c[Bi(NO3)3]=0.05 mol/L c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.1 mol/L c[Pb(NO3)2]=0.05 mol/L pH=1.68(25℃) pH=12.45(25℃) pH=2.00(25℃) pH=3.5 pH=3.5±0.1 pH=4.01(25℃) pH=4.5 pH=4.5±0.1 pH=6.0±0.1 pH=6.5(25℃) pH=6.86(25℃) pH=6.864 pH=7.2(25℃) pH=7.4(25℃) pH=9.0±0.1 pH=9.18(25℃) pH≈4.5 w(C15H15N3O2)=0.5 g/L w(C20H14O4)=10 g/L w(C21H16Br2O5S)=1 g/L w(C21H18O5S)=1 g/L w(C6H12O6)=1 g/L w(Co2+)=1.2 g/L w(Co2+)=15 g/L w(Co2+)=3 g/L w(Co2+)=6.5 g/L w(CoCl2)=59.5 g/L w(CuSO4)=20 g/L w(CuSO4)=62.4 g/L w(FeCl3.6H2O)=45 g/L w(H3PO4)=1% w(K2CrO4)=100 g/L w(K2CrO4)=20 g/L w(K2CrO4)=40 g/L w(K2CrO4)=50 g/L 待确定 (1/2 I2):1.000mol/L (9 elements in dilute nitric acid) 100 mg/l: As, Be, Cd, Cr(VI), Hg, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl Certipur (AgNO3):0.01400mol/L (AgNO3):0.02000mol/L (AgNO3):0.1003mol/L (Na2S2O3): 0.1001mol/L (NaOH):0.1004mol/L 0.00;0.50;1.00;3.00;5.00mg/L 0.00;0.50;1.00;3.00;5.00ng/mL 0.00、0.50、1.00、3.00、5.00ng/mL 0.00、0.50、1.00、3.00、5.00μg/mL 0.01mg/L 20mg/L 0.01mol/L 0.02mg/L 0.06000/1000(不同波长下透射比) 0.1000mol/L 0.5000mol/L 0.05000mol/L 0.1ng/μL 0.1μg/mL溶于3% HCl 0.1μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 0.2 μg/mL 0.4% 0.5000mol/L左右 0.5034mol/L 0.5μg/mL溶于3% HCl 0.5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 0.5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HF 0.5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 0.9 μg/mL 0.970-1.030mg/g 0.1/0.5µg/mL 0.4/2.0µg/mL 1.0/5.0µg/mL【溶于tr. NaOH (微量氢氧化钠)】 0.1µg/mL 5.0µg/mL【溶于3% HCl(3%盐酸)】 5.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 4.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3 (3%硝酸)】 1.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 10.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3 (3%硝酸)】 10.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 10.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3,tr. HCl (3%硝酸和微量盐酸)】 10.0µg/mL【溶于6% HCl(6%盐酸)】 3.0µg/mL 4.0µg/mL 30.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3 (3%硝酸)】 100.0µg/mL【溶于5% HNO3(5%硝酸)】 100.0µg/mL【溶于H2O】 1µg/mL 5µg/mL 10µg/mL 20µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 6.0µg/mL【溶于3% HCl(3%盐酸)】 5.0µg/mL【溶于tr. HF(微量氢氟酸)】 6.0µg/mL 10.0µg/mL【溶于3% HCl(3%盐酸)】 40.0µg/mL 60.0µg/mL 80.0µg/mL【溶于水】 15.0µg/mL【溶于3% HCl(3%盐酸)】 1 μg/mL 1.000×10-2mol/L 1.000×10-3mol/L 1.00g/L溶于H2O 1.00μg/mL 1.0μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 1.5NTU溶于H2O 1.68(25℃) 10 mg/mL in Water, tr. HF 10 μg/mL in 10% Hydrochloric acid, 1% Nitric acid 10 μg/mL in 10% Hydrochloric acid 10 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Hydrofluoric acid 10 μg/mL in Water, tr Hydrofluoric acid 10 μg/mL 10% 100 NTU 100 mOsmol/kg 100 µg/mL in 2% HY 100 µg/mL in H2O 100 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Hydrofluoric acid 100 μg/mL in 20% Hydrochloric acid 100 μg/mL in Water, tr Nitric acid 100 μg/mL in Water 1000 mg/l溶于2 mol/l的HCl 1000 ppm Aluminum for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Antimony for AA HNO3 / Tartaric Acid 1000 ppm Arsenic for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Barium for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Boron for AA H2O 1000 ppm Cadmium for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Chromium for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Cobalt for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Copper for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Lead for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Manganese for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Mercury for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Nickel for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Selenium for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Strontium for AA HNO3 1000 ppm Tin for AA HNO3 / HF 1000 ppm Zinc for AA HNO3 1000 µg/mL in H2O 1000 μg/mL in 1% HNO3, tr.Tartaric Acid 1000 μg/mL in 10% Nitric acid 1000 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric acid 1000 μg/mL in 20% Hydrochloric acid 1000 μg/mL in 5% HCl 1000 μg/mL in 5% HNO3, tr.HF 1000 μg/mL in H2O, tr. F- 1000 μg/mL in H2O 1000 μg/mL in NH4OH 1000 μg/mL in Water, tr Nitric acid 10000 μg/mL in 10% Nitric acid 10000 μg/mL in 20% Hydrochloric acid 10000 μg/mL in Water, tr Nitric acid 10000 μg/mL in Water 25000mg/L 19.92μS/cm 10000µg/ml溶于0.1mol/L NaOH 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HNO3(含K+) 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HNO3and0.5moL 10000µg/ml溶于1.0mol/L HNO3 10000µg/ml溶于1.5mol/L HNO3andtr.HCL 10000µg/ml溶于2.5mol/L HNO3andtr.Tartaric 10000µg/ml溶于4.0mol/L HCL 10000µg/ml溶于4.5mol/L H2SO4 10000µg/ml溶于6.0mol/L HCL 10000µg/ml溶于H2O(含Cl-) 1000NTU溶于H2O 1000mg/L(介质:20%盐酸) 40mg/L 1.5mg/L 50mg/L 200mg/L 1mg/L 15mg/L 75mg/L 60mg/L 25mg/L 80mg/L 16mg/L 300mg/L 64mg/L 30mg/L 1000mg/L溶于2% HNO3 1000mg/L溶于5%HNO3+TrHF 1000mg/L溶于H2O 1000ug/mL于10%HNO3+2%HF 1000ug/mL于水 1000ug/mL,H2O 1000ug/ml in 5% HNO3 1000μg/mL30%HCl于 2mg/L 1000μg/mL于HNO3+HF 1000μg/mL溶于0.02mol/LNaOH 1000μg/mL溶于0.1mol/L NaOH 1000μg/mL溶于0.2%HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于0.5mol/L HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于1%HCL 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HNO3 and tr.HCl 1000μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HNO3(含K+) 1000μg/mL溶于1.5mol/L HCl 1000μg/mL溶于10%HCL 1000μg/mL溶于10%HCl 1000μg/mL溶于2%HCL 1000μg/mL溶于2.0mol/L HCl,trace HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于2.5mol/L HNO3 and tr.Tartaric 1000μg/mL溶于20%HCl 1000μg/mL溶于3.0mol/L HCl 1000μg/mL溶于4.0mol/L HCl 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF,含tr.Cl- 1000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含K+ 1000μg/mL溶于5%HNO3 1000μg/mL溶于5%乙醇 1000μg/mL溶于HCl,微量硝酸,HF 1000μg/mL溶于氢氧化钠吸收液 1000μg/mL溶于盐酸 1000μg/mL溶于盐酸,微量硝酸,氢氟酸 1000μg/mL溶于硝酸,盐酸 1000μg/mL(以H2S计) 100NTU溶于H2O 100mOsmol/kg 100mg/L(介质:氨水) 100ug/mL 100µg/ml溶于5%HNO3 (KOH):0.5012mol/L (NaOH):1.0000mol/L左右 (NaOH):0.1006mol/L 30μg/mL pH=4.003 100μg/mL溶于0.01mol/L NaOH 100μg/mL溶于0.02mol/LNaOH 100μg/mL溶于1%HCL 100μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HF and 1.0mol/L HNO3 100μg/mL溶于1.0mol/L HNO3 100μg/mL溶于1.5mol/L HCl 100μg/mL溶于10%HCL 100μg/mL溶于10%HNO3 100μg/mL溶于2.5mol/L HCl 100μg/mL溶于2.5mol/L HNO3 and tr.HCl 100μg/mL溶于20%HCl 100μg/mL溶于20%HCl、5%HNO3 100μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 100μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 100μg/mL溶于3.0 mol/L HCl 100μg/mL溶于5% HCl ,trace HNO3 100μg/mL溶于5% HCl,tr.HNO3 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 and tr. HF 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 and tr.HCl 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 and tr.Tartaric 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,含Na+ 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,含tr.Na+ 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF,tr.Tartaric 100μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF,含tr.Cl- 100μg/mL溶于5%乙醇 100μg/mL溶于HO2 100μg/mL溶于 100μg/mL溶于水,含微量钾离子,钠离子 100μg/mL溶于硝酸,盐酸 100μg/mL溶于硝酸, 盐酸,含钠离子 1mg/L(介质:2%硝酸) 10µg/mL 700μg/mL 0μg/mL 250μg/mL 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,含Cl- 10μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,含K+ 10μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,HCl,tr.HF 10μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 10μg/mL溶于5%HNO3 111.04mS/cm 1200μg/mL 125ml 1413uS/cm 12.88uS/cm 1500mg/L 150mg/L 180mg/L 120mg/L 250mg/L 240mg/L 800mg/L 160mg/L 640mg/L 480mg/L 150μg/mL 165μg/mL溶于H2O 18NTU溶于H2O 1μg/mL溶于3% HCl 1μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 1μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl 1μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 1μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 2 μg/mL in 2-5% Nitric Acid, tr Hydrofluoric acid 2.0µg/mL 20.0g/L溶于H2O 200 mOsmol/kg 20000μg/mL 20000倍溶于H2O 2000NTU溶于H2O (NaCl):1.000mol/L 2000μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 2000μg/mL溶于H2O 2000倍 400倍 200NTU溶于H2O 200μg/mL溶于H2O 20NTU溶于H2O 3mg/L 0.5mg/L 65mg/L 7mg/L 8mg/L 6mg/L 20μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl 20μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 2500-5000mg/L溶于H2O 250μg/mL溶于H2O 290 mOsmol/kg 0.4mg/L 5mg/L 0.8mg/L 0.2mg/L 3750mg/L 520mg/L 380mg/L 2μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 2μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HF 2μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 3.8 μg/mL 3.86μg/mL 300 mOsmol/kg 30000μg/mL 30μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 3NTU溶于H2O 4.00(25℃) 400 mOsmol/kg 4000 NTU 4000NTU溶于H2O 4000μg/mL 400NTU 400mg/L溶于H2O 400μg/mL 100μg/mL;200μg/mL;400μg/mL;800μg/mL;1000μg/mL;2000μg/mL;4000μg/mL 800μg/mL 400倍溶于H2O 40NTU溶于H2O 40μg/mL 4500mg/L(45.0mmoL\L)溶于0.1moL/LHCL 450μg/mL 750μg/mL 600μg/mL 5.00mg/mL溶于H2O 50 mOsmol/kg 50.0µg/mL 100.0µg/mL 10.0µg/mL 100.0µg/mL 250.0µg/mL 15.0µg/mL【溶于3% HNO3(3%硝酸)】 500 NTU 500 mOsmol/kg 5000µg/ml溶于H2O 500NTU溶于H2O 500mg/L 溶剂:纯水 500mg/L溶于H2O 500mg/l 500μg/mL于20%盐酸 500μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HF 500μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含Cl- 500μg/mL溶于5%HCL 500度 500度溶于10%HCL 50Hazen 5;10;15;20;25;30;40;50度 10Hazen 500Hazen 50NTU溶于H2O 49.2mg/L 0.1mg/L 50µg/mL 50μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,HCl,tr.HF 50μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 50μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 50μg/mL溶于5% HNO3,含Na+ 50μg/mL溶于5% HNO3 50μg/mL溶于H2O 5μg/mL溶于3% HCl 5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl,tr.HF 5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HCl 5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.HF 5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3,tr.Tartaric 5μg/mL溶于3% HNO3 6 mol/L 600 mOsmol/kg 60NTU溶于H2O 6NTU溶于H2O 7.41 700 mOsmol/kg 790μg/mL 800 NTU 800NTU溶于H2O 80g/L 80μg/mL 84μS/cm 1408us/cm 12.88mS/cm 1413μS/cm 111.3ms/cm 12.85ms/cm 850 mOsmol/kg 880μg/mL 900 mOsmol/kg Ag(2 μg/mL),Cu(5 μg/mL),Pb(20 μg/mL),Ni(2 μg/mL) Ag(4 μg/mL),Cu(10 μg/mL),Pb(40 μg/mL),Ni(5 μg/mL) Ag(4 μg/mL),Cu(5 μg/mL),Pb(40 μg/mL),Ni(5 μg/mL) Al(80 μg/mL),Zn(5 μg/mL),Mn(3 μg/mL),Ni(3 μg/mL),Mg(920 μg/mL) Au(1 μg/mL),Pd(5 μg/mL) Au(3 μg/mL),Pd(10 μg/mL) Au(5 μg/mL),Pd(15 μg/mL) C(1/5KMnO4)=0.1006mol/L (1/5KMnO4):0.02000mol/L Cu(1 μg/mL),Pb(1 μg/mL),Ni(0.5 μg/mL),Zn(5 μg/mL),Cd(0.1 μg/mL),Cr(0.5 μg/mL) Cu(1000 μg/mL),Pb(0.5 μg/mL),Ni(0.5 μg/mL),Fe(0.5 μg/mL)Mn(0.1 μg/mL),P(0.1 μg/mL),Al(0.1 μg/mL),Sn(0.5 μg/mL),Zn(1 μg/mL) Cu(1000 μg/mL),Pb(1 μg/mL),Ni(1 μg/mL),Fe(1 μg/mL)Mn(0.5 μg/mL),P(0.5 μg/mL),Al(0.5 μg/mL),Sn(1 μg/mL),Zn(5 μg/mL) Cu(1000 μg/mL),Pb(10 μg/mL),Ni(10 μg/mL),Fe(10 μg/mL)Mn(5 μg/mL),P(5 μg/mL),Al(5 μg/mL),Sn(10 μg/mL),Zn(20 μg/mL) Cu(1000 μg/mL),Pb(5 μg/mL),Ni(5 μg/mL),Fe(5 μg/mL)Mn(1 μg/mL),P(1 μg/mL),Al(1 μg/mL),Sn(5 μg/mL),Zn(10 μg/mL) Cu(1000 μg/mL),Pb(50 μg/mL),Ni(50 μg/mL),Fe(50 μg/mL)Mn(10 μg/mL),P(10 μg/mL),Al(1 μg/mL),Sn(50 μg/mL),Zn(5 μg/mL) Fe(1 μg/mL),Au(5 μg/mL) Fe(2 μg/mL),Au(10 μg/mL) Fe(5 μg/mL),Au(15 μg/mL) PH:4.00 PH:6.86 PH:7 PH:9.18 PH=1.00(25℃) PH=1.0 PH=2.0 PH=4.003(25℃) PH=4.00 PH=5.00(25℃) PH=6.5 PH=6.864(25℃) PH=6.86 Pb(15 μg/mL),Fe(6 μg/mL),Zn(3 μg/mL),Ni(8 μg/mL),Co(4 μg/mL) Pb(5 μg/mL),Fe(1 μg/mL),Zn(1 μg/mL),Ni(1 μg/mL),Co(1 μg/mL) Pr(25 μg/mL),Nd(50 μg/mL),B(5 μg/mL) Pr(50 μg/mL),Nd(100 μg/mL),B(10 μg/mL) Pt-Co=100黑曾 Pt-Co=10黑曾 Pt-Co=15黑曾 Pt-Co=200黑曾 Pt-Co=20黑曾 Pt-Co=25黑曾 Pt-Co=30黑曾 Pt-Co=35黑曾 Pt-Co=40黑曾 Pt-Co=45黑曾 Pt-Co=500黑曾 Pt-Co=50黑曾 Pt-Co=80黑曾 V(CH3COOH):V(H2O)=1:24 V(HCl):V(H2O)=1:5 V(HCl):V(H2O)=1:9 V(HNO3):V(H2O)=1:100 V(HNO3):V(H2O)=1:12 V(HNO3):V(H2O)=1:300 V(HNO3):V(H2O)=1:99 Varied conc. in 1% Nitric acid Varied conc. in Water c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=1 μg/mL c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=10 μg/mL c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=2 μg/mL c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=20 μg/mL c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=4 μg/mL c( F-,Cl-,Br-)=8 μg/mL c(1/2BaCl2)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2BaCl2)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2BaCl2)=1 mol/L c(1/2BaCl2)=2 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Br2)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.25 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.4 mol/L c(1/2Br2)=0.5 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.01 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.02 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2H2C2O4)=0.5 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4) =0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2H2SO4)=0.01 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.02 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.025 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.04 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.5 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2H2SO4)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.25 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.4 mol/L,c(H3PO4)=0.9 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.5 mol/L,c(H3PO4)=0.8 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.4 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2H2SO4)=0.6 mol/L,c(H3PO4)=1 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=0.6 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=1 mol/L,c(H3PO4)=1 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=1 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2H2SO4)=2 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=4 mol/L c(1/2H2SO4)=5 mol/L c(1/2H3PO4)=1.2 mol/L c(1/2Hg2+)=0.02 mol/L c(1/2Hg2+)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2Hg2+)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Hg2+)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.01 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.02 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.03 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2I2)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2I2)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2I2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.01 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.02 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.4 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.5 mol/L c(1/2Na2C2O4)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.025 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.1 mol/L ,c(NaHCO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.2 mol/L ,c(NaHCO3)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.2 mol/L ,c(NaHCO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.25 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.3 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.5 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/2Na2CO3)=1 mol/L c(1/2Na2CO3)=2 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO3)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO3)=1 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO3)=2 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO4)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2Na2SO4)=1 mol/L c(1/2NaHSO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2NaHSO3)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2NaHSO3)=0.25 mol/L c(1/2NaNO2)=0.05 mol/L c(1/2NaNO2)=0.1 mol/L c(1/2NaNO2)=0.2 mol/L c(1/2NaNO2)=0.4 mol/L c(1/2NaNO2)=0.5 mol/L c(1/4Na2B4O7)=0.04 mol/L c(1/4Na2B4O7)=0.4 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.01 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.02 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.025 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.042 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.05 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.1 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.125 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.15 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/5KMnO4)=0.2 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.25 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.5 mol/L c(1/5KMnO4)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/5KMnO4)=1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.015 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.02 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.025 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.05 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.06 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.075 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.1 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.15 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.16 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.2 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.25 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.3 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.5 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.6 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.75mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=0.8 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=1 mol/L c(1/6K2Cr2O7)=1.5 mol/L c(1/6KBrO3)=0.05 mol/L c(1/6KBrO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/6KBrO3)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6KBrO3)=0.6 mol/L c(1/6KBrO3)=1 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.05 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6KIO3)=0.06 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.1 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6KIO3)=0.25 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.3 mol/L c(1/6KIO3)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(1/6KIO3)=0.6 mol/L c(Ag)=0.1 μg/mL c(Ag)=0.2 μg/mL c(Ag)=0.5 μg/mL c(Ag)=1 μg/mL c(Ag)=1.5 μg/mL c(Ag)=10 μg/mL c(Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Ag)=1000 μg/mL c(Ag)=2 μg/mL c(Ag)=20 μg/mL c(Ag)=3 μg/mL c(Ag)=4 μg/mL c(Ag)=5 μg/mL c(Ag)=50 μg/mL c(Ag)=6 μg/mL c(Ag)=8 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,NiP,Pb,Sb,Se,Si,Sn,Sr,Ti,V,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Sb,Sr,Ti,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,B,Ba,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,P,Pb,Se,Sr,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Sr,V,Zn,Tl,Mo,Se,B,Ga,Li,Zr,P)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Bi,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,In,Mn,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,Tl,V,Zn)=10 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Hg,K,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Sr,Te,Ti,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Mn,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sb,Ti,V,Zn,Fe,K,Ca,Na,Mg)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,B,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,Sb,Tl,V,Zn)=10 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,B,Ba,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,In,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Sr,Zn,Tl)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Al,B,Ba,K,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,As,Ba,Cd,Co,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,As,Be,Cd,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Tl,V)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Be)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Be,Mo)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Bi,Cd,Hg)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Bi,Cd,Hg,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ag,Co,Cu,K,Fe,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Tl,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Ag,Hg)=1000 μg/mL c(Ag,K,Na)=1000 μg/mL c(Ag,Pb,Bi,As,Sb,Sn,Cd,Cu,Mo,Fe,Ni,Cr,Co,Al,Li,V)=25 μg/mL c(AgNO3):1.000mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.01 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.014 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(AgNO3)=0.02 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.025 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.0282 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.04 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.14 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(AgNO3)=0.2 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.282 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.3447 mol/L c(AgNO3)=0.5 mol/L c(Al)=0.5 μg/mL c(Al)=10 μg/mL c(Al)=100 μg/mL c(Al)=2 μg/mL c(Al)=20 μg/mL c(Al)=30 μg/mL c(Al)=4 μg/mL c(Al)=700 μg/mL c(Al)=8 μg/mL c(Al)=900 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,P,Pb,Sb,Se,Sr,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Bi,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Sr,Ti,V,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Sr,Ti,V,Zn,Zr,K,Ca,Na,Bi)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,B,Ba,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,In,K,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,Pb,Sc,Se,Te,V,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,B,Bi,Cd,Ca,Cr,Co,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Na,Pb,Se,Sr,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Be,Bi,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Ni,Sb,Sn,Ti,V,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Cr,Cu,Co,Fe,K,Li,Na,Ni,Pb,Mg,Mn,Sn,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Bi,B,Cd,Ca,Cr,Co,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Ni,Na,Pb,P,Se,Sr,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Hg,K,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,P,Pb,Se,Sn,Sr,Zn,Sb)=10 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Hg,Mn,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Zn,K,Na)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Na,Pb,Mn,Mo,Ni,Hg,Sb,Se,Si,Sn,Ti,Zn,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Ca,Cd,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Zn)=10 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Ca,Co,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,V,B,Li,Be,Bi,Cd,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,As,Ba,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Mn,Mo,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,Zn)=50 μg/mL,c(K)=500 μg/mL c(Al,As,Cd,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mn,Pb,Se,Zn )=100 μg/mL c(Al,B,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Se,Sr,Te,Tl,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,B,Ba,Be,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Sr,Zn,Zr,K)=100 μg/mL c(Al,B,Ba,Co,Cu,Fe,Mn,Ti,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,B,Ca,Cr,Cu,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,K,V,Ti)=100 μg/mL c(Al,B,Ca,Cr,Cu,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,K,V,Zn,Zr,Ti,Mo,Fe,Li,P,Ag,Sn,Tl,Sb)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Ba,Be,B,Ca,Fe,K,Li,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,P,Sr)=1000 μg/mL c(Al,Ba,Bi,Ca,Cs,Cr,K,Li,Na,Rb,Se,Sr,V )=100 μg/mL c(Al,Ba,Cu,Zn)=10 μg/mL c(Al,Ba,Fe,Mn,Ca,Mg,Cu,Na)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,Pb,Zn)=50 μg/mL c(Al,Ca,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Sn,Zn,Cu,As,Ga)=10 μg/mL c(Al,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Ni,Pb,V,Zn)=50 μg/mL c(Al,Cd,Co,Fe,Pb,Sb,Zn,Ti,Cu,Ni,Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Cd,Cu,Fe,Pb,Sn)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Fe,Ca,Mg,Na,K)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,As,Se,Cd,Cr,Pb,Ag,Mo,Co,Ni,Ba,Ti,V,Sb,Be,Tl,Sn)=10 μg/mL c(Al,Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,Se,Cd,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Al,Pb,Ag,Fe,Cd,Zn,Cu,Ni,Mn,Co,Cr)=10 μg/mL c(Al,Pb,Se,As,Cd,Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Al,Ti,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(AlCl3.6H2O)=0.16 mol/L c(Als,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Mo,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Ti,Zr,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(As)=0.5 μg/mL c(As)=10 μg/mL,c(Hg)=1 μg/mL c(As)=10 μg/mL c(As)=100 μg/mL c(As)=20 μg/mL,c(Hg)=2 μg/mL c(As)=20 μg/mL c(As)=30 μg/mL,c(Hg)=3 μg/mL c(As)=4 μg/mL c(As)=50 μg/mL c(As)=500 μg/mL c(As)=8 μg/mL c(As,Al,Ag,Cu,Cr,Ca,Co,Cd,Fe,K,Mg,Ni,Na,Pb,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Au,Mn)=1000 μg/mL c(As,B,Be,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Cd,Mn,Se,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sn,Ti,Tl,V,Zn,Ba)=100 μg/mL c(As,Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Cu,Hg,Ni,Pb,S)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(As,Ba,Co,Cr,Te,Fe,Mn,Ni,Sn,Cu)=100 μg/mL c(As,Be,Bi,Ca,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn,Mo,Ni,P,S,Sb,Se,Sn,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(As,Be,Cd,Cr,Ni,Pb,Se,Tl )=100 μg/mL c(As,Bi,Ca,Mg,Ni,Sb)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Bi,Sb,Se,Sn)=100 μg/mL c(As,Cd,Co,Hg,Ni,Pb,V)=100 μg/mL c(As,Cd,Pb,Al,Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,Sb,Ba,Be,B,Mo,Ni,Ag,Se,Tl,Na)=100 μg/mL c(As,Cr,Ag,Al,Cd,Co,In,Ti,Ni,Sb,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(As,Cr,Cd,Zn,Pb,Ni,Fe,Cu)=100 μg/mL c(As,Cu,Zn,Ni,Mg,Ag,Sn,Cd,Ca,Cr,Co,Pb,Fe,Mn,Hg)=100 μg/mL c(As,Hg)=100 μg/mL c(As,La,Li,Mn,Mo,Ni,Sc,Na)=100 μg/mL c(As,La,Li,Mn,Mo,Ni,Sc,Na,P,K,S)=100 μg/mL c(As,Mo,P,S,Si,W,V)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Pb,Hg,Cd,Mn)=100 μg/mL c(As,Pb,Hg,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Sb,Bi)=1000 μg/mL c(As,Sb,Bi,Pb,Sn,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(As,Se,Hg)=100 μg/mL c(As,Se,V,Ba,Co,Fe,Pb,Tl,Bi,Be,Cu,Al,In,Cr,Ag,Li,Zn,Mn,Sr,Cd,Ni,Ga)=100 μg/mL c(As,Se,V,Ba,Co,Fe,Pb,Tl,Bi,Be,Cu,Al,In,Cr,Cs,Ag,Rb,Li,Zn,Mn,Sr,Cd,Ni,Ga)=100 μg/mL c(As,Si,Pb,Hg,Cd,Mg,Cu,Al,Fe,Ca,Ag,Cr,Ni)=100 μg/mL c(As,Tl)=100 μg/mL c(Au)=0.5 μg/mL c(Au)=1 μg/mL c(Au)=10 μg/mL c(Au)=100 μg/mL c(Au)=1000 μg/mL c(Au)=15 μg/mL c(Au)=2 μg/mL c(Au)=20 μg/mL c(Au)=3 μg/mL c(Au)=4 μg/mL c(Au)=40 μg/mL c(Au)=5 μg/mL c(Au)=50 μg/mL c(Au)=6 μg/mL c(Au)=7 μg/mL c(Au)=8 μg/mL c(Au)=9 μg/mL c(Au,Pd)=1 μg/mL c(Au,Pd)=2 μg/mL c(Au,Pd)=5 μg/mL c(Au,Pd,Pt,Ir,Ru)=100 μg/mL c(Au,Pd,Pt,Sn,Te,Ir,Rh)=100 μg/mL c(Au,Pd,Pt,Sn,Te,Ir,Rh,Ru,Hf,Sb)=100 μg/mL c(B)=1 μg/mL c(B)=1000 μg/mL c(B)=250 μg/mL c(B)=400 μg/mL c(B,Ge,Mo,Nb,P,Re,Ti,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(B,K,Ca,Li,Mg,Na)=1000 μg/mL c(B,Mg,Fe,Ti)=100 μg/mL c(B,Ni,Sb,Ag,Be,Tl,Mo,Ba,Na)=100 μg/mL c(B,Ti)=10 μg/mL c(BOD5)=1000 μg/mL c(BOD5)=110 mg/L c(BOD5)=22.4 mg/L c(Ba)=1 μg/mL c(Ba)=100 μg/mL c(Ba)=1000 μg/mL c(Ba)=2 μg/mL c(Ba)=2000 μg/mL c(Ba)=3 μg/mL c(Ba)=3000 μg/mL c(Ba)=4 μg/mL c(Ba)=4000 μg/mL c(Ba)=50 μg/mL c(Ba)=70 μg/mL,c(Cr)=110 μg/mL,c(Cu)=30 μg/mL,c(Li)=25 μg/mL,c(Mo)=150 μg/mL,c(Sb)=9 μg/mL,c(Sn)=60 μg/mL, c(Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Co,Cu,Fe,Li,Mn,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sb,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn,Se,Hg,As)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,Se,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Bi,Te,V,Ca,Zr,Cd,Cr,Hg,Co,Ga,K,Sc,Al,Mg,Mn,Mo,Na,Ni,B,Pb,As,Sr,Sb,Fe,Cu,Se,Zn,In)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Cr,Cu,Pb,Sn,Cd,Al,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Cr,Cu,Pb,Sn,Cd,Al,Zn,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Mg)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Mn,V,Ti,Zn,Sn,Sb)=100 μg/mL c(Ba,Sr,Ca,Mg )=100 μg/mL c(Ba,W,Co,Mo,Pb,Nb,Cu,Al,Zr,Sn,Mn,Ni)=100 μg/mL c(BaCl2)=0.1 mol/L c(BaCl2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(BaCl2)=50 g/L c(Be)=100 μg/mL c(Be)=1000 μg/mL c(Be,Ba,Cu,Pb,Zn,Cd,Ni,Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Be,Bi,In)=100 μg/mL c(Be,Ce,Fe,In,Li,Mg,Pb)=1 μg/mL c(Be,Co,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Bi)=100 μg/mL c(Bi)=1000 μg/mL c(Bi)=5 μg/mL c(Bi,Ge,In,Li,Sc,Tb,Y)=10 μg/mL c(Bi,Ge,In,Li,Sc,Tb,Y)=100 μg/mL c(Bi,Ge,In,Lu,Rh,Sc,Tb,Y)=10 μg/mL c(Bi,Ge,In,Lu,Rh,Sc,Tb,Y)=100 μg/mL c(Bi,Ho,In,Li,Sc,Tb,Y)=10 μg/mL c(Bi,Pb)=1000 μg/mL c(Bi,Sc,Re,In,Ge)=100 μg/mL c(Br-)=1 μg/mL c(Br-)=10 μg/mL c(Br-)=100 μg/mL c(Br-)=1000 μg/mL c(Br-)=15 μg/mL c(Br-)=4000 μg/mL c(Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=50 μg/mLc(F)=25 μg/mL c(Br2)=0.05 mol/L c(BrO3-)=100 μg/mL c(BrO3-)=1000 μg/mL c(C4H4O6KNa.4H2O)=0.1 mol/L c(C4H4O6KNa.4H2O)=0.5 mol/L c(C4H4O6KNa.4H2O)=1 mol/L c(C6H12O6)=0.25 mol/L c(CH3COO-)=1 μg/mL c(CH3COO-)=10 μg/mL c(CH3COO-)=100 μg/mL c(CH3COO-)=1000 μg/mL c(CH3COO-)=5 μg/mL c(CH3COOH)=0.05 mol/L c(CH3COOH)=0.1 mol/L c(CH3COOH)=1 mol/L c(CH3COONH4)]=0.1 mol/L c(CH3COONH4)]=1 mol/L c(CH3COONa)=0.01 mol/L c(CH3COONa)=0.05 mol/L c(CH3COONa)=0.5 mol/L c(CH3COONa)=1 mol/L c(CH4O3S)=1 μg/mL c(CH4O3S)=10 μg/mL c(CH4O3S)=100 μg/mL c(CH4O3S)=1000 μg/mL c(CH4O3S)=5 μg/mL c(CODCr)=10 μg/mL c(CODCr)=100 μg/mL c(CODCr)=1000 μg/mL c(CODCr)=10000 μg/mL c(CODCr)=120 μg/mL c(CODCr)=150 μg/mL c(CODCr)=1500 μg/mL c(CODCr)=20 μg/mL c(CODCr)=200 μg/mL c(CODCr)=2000 μg/mL c(CODCr)=25 μg/mL c(CODCr)=2500 μg/mL c(CODCr)=30 μg/mL c(CODCr)=300 μg/mL c(CODCr)=40 μg/mL c(CODCr)=400 μg/mL c(CODCr)=4000 μg/mL c(CODCr)=50 μg/mL c(CODCr)=500 μg/mL c(CODCr)=5000 μg/mL c(CODCr)=6.41 mg/L c(CODCr)=60 μg/mL c(CODCr)=70 μg/mL c(CODCr)=80 μg/mL c(CODCr)=800 μg/mL c(Ca)=0.1 μg/mL c(Ca)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(Ca)=0.5 μg/mL c(Ca)=1 μg/mL c(Ca)=10 μg/mL c(Ca)=100 μg/mL,c(Mg)=25 μg/mL c(Ca)=100 μg/mL c(Ca)=10000 μg/mL c(Ca)=2 μg/mL c(Ca)=20 μg/mL c(Ca)=200 μg/mL c(Ca)=2000 μg/mL c(Ca)=3 μg/mL c(Ca)=4 μg/mL c(Ca)=5 μg/mL c(Ca)=50 μg/mL c(Ca)=500 μg/mL c(Ca,Cu,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Ca,Cu,Fe)=2000 μg/mL c(Ca,Cu,Fe)=3000 μg/mL c(Ca,Cu,Fe)=500 μg/mL c(Ca,Fe,Cu,Zn,Cr,Ni,Al,Mg,Na,K)=100 μg/mL c(Ca,K,Mg,Na,Al,Fe,Cr,Zn,Cu,Co,Mn,Ni,Ti,P,Li,B,Sr,V,Mo,Y,Zr,Ba,In,La,Ta,Sn)=100 μg/mL c(Ca,Mg,Al,Fe,Cu,Zn,Ni,Mn,Cr,Co)=100 μg/mL c(Ca,Mg,Zn,Na,Cd,Cr,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(CaCl2)=0.001 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.01 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.025 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.05 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.1 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.2 mol/L c(CaCl2)=0.25 mol/L c(Cd)=1 μg/mL c(Cd)=10 μg/mL c(Cd)=100 μg/mL,c(Tm)=10 μg/mL c(Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Cd)=1000 μg/mL c(Cd)=2 μg/mL c(Cd)=20 μg/mL c(Cd)=3 μg/mL c(Cd)=4 μg/mL c(Cd)=5 μg/mL,c(Cr)=50 μg/mL,c(Pb)=50 μg/mL,c(Ni)=50 μg/mL,c(Cu)=150 μg/mL c(Cd)=5 μg/mL c(Cd)=500 μg/mL c(Cd,Ba,Cr,Cu,Pb,Sn)=100 μg/mL c(Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ga,Hg,In,K,Li,Mg,Mn)=100 μg/mL c(Cd,Co,Cr,Ni,Pb,Sb,Ti,V)=100 μg/mL c(Cd,Co,Cr,Pb,Zn,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Cd,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mn,Ni,Pb,V,Zn,Ag,Al,As,Ba,Be,Bi,Ca,Co,K,Li,Mg,Na,Se,Sr)=100 μg/mL c(Cd,Pb,Se)=50 μg/mL c(Ce)=100 μg/mL c(Ce)=1000 μg/mL c(Ce,Y,Re)=100 μg/mL c(Cl)=0.01mg/mL c(Cl-)=1 μg/mL c(Cl-)=10 μg/mL c(Cl-)=100 μg/mL c(Cl-)=1000 μg/mL c(Cl-)=1900 μg/mL c(Cl-)=2 μg/mL c(Cl-)=200 μg/mL c(Cl-)=2000 μg/mL c(Cl-)=3 μg/mL c(Cl-)=300 μg/mL c(Cl-)=400 μg/mL c(Cl-)=5 μg/mL c(Cl-)=50 μg/mL c(Cl-)=500 μg/mL c(Cl-)=5000 μg/mL c(Cl-)=60 μg/mL c(Cl-)=600 μg/mL c(Cl-)=700 μg/mL c(Cl-)=750 μg/mL c(ClO2)=1000 mg/L c(ClO3)=1000 mg/L c(ClO3-,ClO2-)=100 mg/L c(Co)=0.5 μg/mL c(Co)=1 μg/mL c(Co)=10 μg/mL c(Co)=1000 μg/mL c(Co)=2 μg/mL c(Co)=3 μg/mL c(Co)=4 μg/mL c(Co)=5 μg/mL c(Co)=50 μg/mL c(Co)=500 μg/mL c(Co)=6 μg/mL c(Co)=8 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Ni,P,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Ni,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,As,Ag,Be,Bi,Cd,Sr)=100 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,As,Be,Bi,Cd,Sr)=100 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Co,Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Co,Cu,Se)=10 g/mL, c(Cd,Cr,Fe,In,Mg,Pb)=1 μg/mL c(Co,Ni,Cu)=1 μg/mL c(Co,Ni,Cu)=1000 μg/mL c(Co,Ni,Cu)=2 μg/mL c(Co,Ni,Cu)=5 μg/mL c(Cr)=0.2 μg/mL c(Cr)=0.5 μg/mL c(Cr)=0.8 μg/mL c(Cr)=1 μg/mL c(Cr)=1.5 μg/mL c(Cr)=10 μg/mL c(Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Cr)=2 μg/mL c(Cr)=20 μg/mL c(Cr)=200 μg/mL c(Cr)=2000 μg/mL c(Cr)=3 μg/mL c(Cr)=300 μg/mL,c(Mn)=30 μg/mL c(Cr)=4 μg/mL c(Cr)=50 μg/mL c(Cr)=500 μg/mL c(Cr,Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Ba,Fe,Mn,Ca,Mg)=100 μg/mL c(Cr,Cu,Zn,Pb,Ni,Cd,Fe,Mn,Ca,Mg,K,Na,Ba,Be,Mo,Al,Sr,Sn,Ti,Li,Si,B,As,Co,Sb,V,Tl)=100 μg/mL c(Cr,Mn,Ni,Cu,Zn,As,Cd,Pb,Fe)=10 μg/mL c(Cr,Sb,Cd,Se,Bi,Ba,Mn,Be,As,Ni,Pb,Mo,Cu,B)=50 μg/mL c(Cr-T)=10 μg/mL c(Cr-T)=100 μg/mL c(Cr-T)=1000 μg/mL c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co)=25 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=22 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=23 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=24 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=25 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=26 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=27 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=28 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=29 g/L c(Cr3+)=10 g/L,c(Co2+)=30 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=22 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=23 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=24 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=25 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=26 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=27 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=28 g/L c(Cr3+)=12 g/L,c(Co2+)=29 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=22 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=23 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=24 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=25 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=26 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=27 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=28 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=29 g/L c(Cr3+)=14 g/L,c(Co2+)=30 g/L c(Cr3+)=15 g/L,c(Co)=20 g/L c(Cr3+)=5 g/L,c(Co)=20 g/L c(Cr3+)=5 g/L,c(Co)=30 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=22 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=23 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=24 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=25 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=26 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=27 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=28 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=29 g/L c(Cr3+)=7 g/L,c(Co2+)=30 g/L c(Cr3+)=8 g/L,c(Co2+)=23 g/L c(Cr6+)=1 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=10 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=100 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=1000 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=2 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=20 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=200 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=5 μg/mL c(Cr6+)=7 μg/mL c(Cr6+,Pb,Cd)=10 μg/mL c(Cr6+,Pb,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.05 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.08 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.1 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.2 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.3 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.4 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.5 μg/mL c(Cu)=0.8 μg/mL c(Cu)=1 μg/mL c(Cu)=1.5 μg/mL c(Cu)=10 μg/mL c(Cu)=100 μg/mL c(Cu)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu)=2 μg/mL c(Cu)=20 μg/mL c(Cu)=2000 μg/mL c(Cu)=3 μg/mL c(Cu)=4 μg/mL c(Cu)=450 μg/mL c(Cu)=5 μg/mL c(Cu)=50 μg/mL c(Cu)=500 μg/mL c(Cu)=5000 μg/mL c(Cu)=6 μg/mL c(Cu)=8 μg/mL c(Cu,,Zn,Ba,Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Al,Ba,Sr,Ni,Mn,Mg)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,As,Pb,Hg,Cd,Sn,Al)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Cr,Ni)=10 μg/mL c(Cu,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Fe,As,Al,Ba,Sr,Ni,Mn,Ca,Mg,Na)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Fe,Ni,Ag,Al,Cr,Zn,Pb,Co,Mn,Tl,Cd)=10 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni Pn,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr)=50 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr)=500 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr,As,Cd,Al)=50 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cr,Fe)=50 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Pb,Zn,Sn,As,Ag,Sb,Bi,Cd,Cr,Mg,Mn)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Sn,Au)=1 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Sn,Au)=3 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Sn,Au)=5 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Sn,Au)=7 μg/mL c(Cu,Ni,Zn,Mn)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Cr,Cd,Ni,Zn,Hg,Sn,Be)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Cr,Cd,Ni,Zn,Hg,Sn,Be,As)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Cr,Cd,Ni,Zn,V,Li,Co,Na,Al,Se,Ag,Mg,Ba,Mn,Bi,K,As,Sr,Ca,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Ni,Zn,Cd,Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Zn,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Pb,Zn,Cd,Fe,Mn,Hg,Se,Sb,As)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Ba)=1000 μg/mL,c(Cr)=500 μg/mL,c(Pb,Cd,Be,Ni)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Cd,Ni,Mn,Cr,Pb,Fe,Sn)=2 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Cd,Ni,Pb,Ba,Cr,As,Be,Se)=50 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Cd,Pb,Cr,Se,Sb,Ni,Ba,As)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Pb,Cd,Ba,Ni,Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Pb,Cd,Ba,Ni,Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Pb,Cd,Be,Ba,Ni,Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni,Hg,Be,Ba,Se,As )=100 μg/mL c(Cu,Zn,Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni,Hg,Be,Ba,Se,As )=1000 μg/mL c(CuSO4)=0.01 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.016 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.02 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.025 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.03 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.032 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.05 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.1 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.2 mol/L c(CuSO4)=0.5 mol/L c(Dy)=1000 μg/mL c(EDTA)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(EDTA)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(EDTA)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(EDTA-2Na)=0.001mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.002 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.005 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.01 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.015 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.02 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.025 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.04 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.2 mol/L c(EDTA-2Na)=0.25 mol/L c(Er)=1000 μg/mL c(Eu)=1000 μg/mL c(Eu,Gd,Tb,Dy,Y)=100 μg/mL c(F)=100 μg/mL,c(Cl)=250 μg/mL,c(NO3- )=500 μg/mL,c(SO42- )=500 μg/mL,c(PO43- )=1000 μg/mL c(F)=20 μg/mL,c(Cl)=30 μg/mL,c(Br)=100 μg/mL,c(NO2- )=100 μg/mL,c(NO3- )=100 μg/mL,c(SO42- )=150 μg/mL,c(PO43- )=150 μg/mL c(F,Cl,NO3-,PO43-,SO42-)=20 μg/mL c(F,Cl,NO3-,PO43-,SO42-)=500 μg/mL c(F,Cl,NO3-,PO43-,SO42-, )=100 μg/mL c(F,Cl,SO42- )=25 μg/mL c(F- ,Cl-,NO3-,SO42-)=100 μg/mL c(F-)=1 μg/mL c(F-)=1.5 μg/mL c(F-)=10 μg/mL c(F-)=100 μg/mL c(F-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-)=19 μg/mL c(F-)=190 μg/mL c(F-)=1900 μg/mL c(F-)=2 μg/mL c(F-)=20 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=100 μg/mL,c(Br-)=100 μg/mL,c(NO2- )=100 μg/mL,c(NO3- )=100 μg/mL,c(SO42- )=100 μg/mL,c(PO43- )=200 μg/mL c(F-)=20 μg/mL c(F-)=200 μg/mL c(Cl-,NO3-,SO42-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-)=200 μg/mLc(Cl-,Br-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=400 μg/mL c(F-)=200 μg/mL c(F-)=25 μg/mL c(F-)=30 μg/mL c(F-)=4 μg/mL c(F-)=5 μg/mL,(Cl-)=10 μg/mL,c(NO2-)=20 μg/mL,(NO3-)=40 μg/mL,(PO43-,SO42-)=50 μg/mL c(F-)=5 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=500 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=500 μg/mL c(F-)=5 μg/mL c(F-)=50 μg/mL c(F-)=500 μg/mL c(F-)=5000 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=1 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=10 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=100 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=2 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=20 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=3 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,I-,PO43-)=5 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=1 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=10 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=100 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=2 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=4 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-,BrO3-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,NO2-,S042-,ClO3,ClO2)=1000 µg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=1 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=10 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=100 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=2 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=20 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=4 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=500 μg/mL c(F-,Br-,Cl-,NO3-,PO43-,S042-)=8 μg/mL c(F-,Cl-)=20 μg/mL,c(NO2-,NO3-,SO42-)=100 μg/mL,c(PO43-)=200 μg/mL c(F-,Cl-,Br-,NO3-,S042-)=100 μg/mL c(F-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,PO43-,SO42-)=10 μg/mL c(F-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,SO42-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-,Cl-,NO3-,SO42-)=1000 μg/mL c(F-,PO43-,NO3-,NO2-,SO42-)=100 μg/mL c(Fe)=0.049 mol/L c(Fe)=0.050 mol/L c(Fe)=0.051 mol/L c(Fe)=0.052 mol/L c(Fe)=0.4 g/L,c(Al)=0.3 g/L c(Fe)=0.5 g/L,c(Al)=0.35 g/L c(Fe)=0.5 μg/mL c(Fe)=0.7 g/L,c(Al)=0.4 g/L c(Fe)=0.8 g/L,c(Al)=0.3 g/L c(Fe)=1 μg/mL c(Fe)=1.5 μg/mL c(Fe)=100μg/mL c(Fe)=110μg/mL c(Fe)=2 μg/mL c(Fe)=20 μg/mL c(Fe)=200 μg/mL c(Fe)=2000 μg/mL c(Fe)=3 μg/mL c(Fe)=40 μg/mL c(Fe)=5 μg/mL c(Fe)=5.5 μg/mL c(Fe)=50 μg/mL c(Fe)=500 μg/mL c(Fe)=6 μg/mL c(Fe)=8 μg/mL c(Fe)=80μg/mL c(Fe)=9 μg/mL c(Fe)=90μg/mL c(Fe,Ag,Al,Zn,Cu,Ca,Mg)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe,Ca,Mg,Na,K)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe,Cr,Ni,Mn,Cu)=100 μg/mL c(Fe,Mn,Al,Cu,Na,Ca,Mg,Ba)=100 μg/mL c(Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,Al,As,Cd,Cr,Pb,Be,Sb,Ni,Co,Mo)=10 μg/mL c(Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,Al,As,Cd,Cr,Pb,Co,Ni,Mo)=10 μg/mL c(Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn,Co,Mg)=10 μg/mL c(Fe,Ni)=5 μg/mL c(Fe,Ni,Cr)=5 μg/mL c(Fe,Ni,Cr,Mo)=5 μg/mL c(Fe,Ni,Na,V,Ca,Mg,Pb,Cu,Mn,Si,P,Zn)=500 μg/mL c(Fe,Ni,Na,V,Ca,Zn,Mg,Pb,Cu,Mn,Si,P)=500 μg/mL c(Fe,P)=1000 μg/mL,c(Li)=100 μg/mL c(Fe,Pb,Cu,As,Ca,Mg,K,Ni)=100 μg/mL c(Fe,Tl)=50 μg/mL c(Fe,Zn)=2000 μg/mL c(Fe,Zn,Cu,Ca,Na,Mg)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe2+)=100 μg/mL c(Fe2+)=1000 μg/mL c(Fe3+)=0.4 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.4 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.4 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.4 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.4 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.45 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.45 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.45 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.5 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.5 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.5 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.5 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.4 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.55 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.55 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.55 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.6 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.6 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.6 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.62 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.62 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.33 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.65 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.65 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.65 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.33 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.65 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.7 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.7 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.7 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.75 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.75 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.75 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.8 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.8 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.8 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.85 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.85 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.85 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.9 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.25 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.9 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.3 g/L c(Fe3+)=0.9 g/L,c(Al3+)=0.35 g/L c(FeCl3)=0.5 mol/L c(FeCl3)=1 mol/L c(FeCl3.6H2O)=100g/L c(FeCl3.6H2O)=90 g/L c(FeSO4)=0.05 mol/L c(FeSO4)=0.1 mol/L c(FeSO4)=0.2 mol/L c(FeSO4)=0.25 mol/L c(FeSO4)=0.5 mol/L c(FeSO4)=1 mol/L c(Ga)=100 μg/mL c(Ga)=1000 μg/mL c(Ga,V)=1000 μg/mL c(Gd)=100 μg/mL c(Gd)=1000 μg/mL c(Ge)=100 μg/mL c(Ge)=1000 μg/mL c(Ge)=40 μg/mL c(Ge)=70 μg/mL c(Ge,In,Bi)=10 μg/mL c(Ge,Rh,In)=1000 μg/mL c(H2C2O4)= 0.05000 mol/L (0.1N) c(H2C2O4)=0.05 mol/L c(H2C2O4)=0.5 mol/L c(H2NCSNH2)=1000 μg/mL c(H2O2)=1000 μg/mL c(H2S)=100 mg/L c(H2S)=1000 mg/L c(H2SO4)=0.005 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.01 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.0125 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.02 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.05 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.1 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.25 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.5 mol/L c(H2SO4)=0.9 mol/L c(H3BO3)=1000 mg/L c(H3PO3)=0.1 mol/L c(H3PO4)=0.1000 mol/L c(H3PO4)=1 mol/L c(HCOO-)=1 μg/mL c(HCOO-)=10 μg/mL c(HCOO-)=100 μg/mL c(HCOO-)=1000 μg/mL c(HCOO-)=5 μg/mL c(HCl)= 0.1 mol/L c(HCl)=0.01 mol/L c(HCl)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(HCl)=0.02 mol/L c(HCl)=0.025 mol/L c(HCl)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(HCl)=0.1 mol/L(乙醇介质) c(HCl)=0.15 mol/L c(HCl)=0.25 mol/L c(HCl)=0.3 mol/L c(HCl)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(HCl)=0.6 mol/L c(HCl)=1.2 mol/L c(HCl)=1.5 mol/L c(HCl)=1mol/L溶于H2O c(HCl)=2.5 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.01 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.02 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.05 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.1 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.2 mol/L c(HNO3)=0.5 mol/L c(HNO3)=1 mol/L c(HNO3)=2 mol/L c(Hf)=1000 μg/mL c(Hf,Ir,Sb,Sn,Ta,Ti,Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Hg)=1 μg/mL c(Hg)=10 μg/mL c(Hg)=2 μg/mL c(Hg)=20 μg/mL c(Hg)=25 μg/mL c(Hg)=3 μg/mL c(Hg)=30 μg/mL c(Hg)=35 μg/mL c(Hg)=40 μg/mL c(Hg)=5 μg/mL c(Hg)=500 μg/mL c(Hg2 +)= 0.005000 mol/L (0.01N) c(Ho)=1000 μg/mL c(Ho,Er,Tm,Yb)=100 μg/mL c(I-)=1 μg/mL c(I-)=10 μg/mL c(I-)=100 μg/mL c(I-)=1000μg/mL c(I-)=10mg/mL c(I-)=200 μg/mL c(I-)=300 μg/mL c(I-)=400 μg/mL c(I-)=500 μg/mL c(I-)=6350μg/mL c(I2)=0.01 mol/L c(I2)=0.02 mol/L c(I2)=0.025 mol/L c(I2)=0.05 mol/L c(I2)=0.1 mol/L c(In)=100 μg/mL c(In)=1000 μg/mL c(In,Cs,Ir,Nb,Ti,Hf,Ta)=1000 μg/mL c(In,Cs,Nb,Ti,Hf,Ta)=1000 μg/mL c(Ir)=1000 μg/mL c(Ir,Pd,Pt,Rh,Ru)=100 μg/mL c(Ir,Pd,Pt,Rh,Ru)=1000 μg/mL c(K)=1 μg/mL c(K)=10 μg/mL c(K)=100 μg/mL,c(Na)=250 μg/mL c(K)=100 μg/mL c(K)=10000 μg/mL c(K)=2 μg/mL c(K)=20 μg/mL c(K)=4 μg/mL c(K)=5 μg/mL,c(Na)=20 μg/mL c(K)=5 μg/mL c(K)=50 μg/mL c(K)=500 μg/mL c(K)=8 μg/mL c(K,Ca,Na,Mg,Al,Fe,Zn,Sn,Pb,Cu,Hg,Mn,B,Ti,Ba,Tl,As,Se,Co,Ni,Cd,Cr,Mo,Sb,V,Sr)=100 μg/mL c(K,Na)=100 μg/mL c(K,Na,Ca,Mg)=100 μg/mL,c(Li,Sr)=10 μg/mL,c(Ag,Al,As,B,Ba,Be,Cd,Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mn,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Tl,Ti,V,Zn)=10 μg/mL c(K,Na,Ca,Mg)=100 μg/mL c(K,Na,Ca,Mg)=1000 μg/mL c(K,Na,Ca,Mg,P,Al,Fe,Ni,Zn,B,Ba,Sr,Ti,Cu,Mn,V)=100 μg/mL c(K,Na,Ti,Se,As,Zn,Cr,Pb,Cu)=100 μg/mL c(K,Zn,Ca,Mg,Fe,B)=100 μg/mL c(K,Zn,Ca,Mg,Fe,B)=1000 μg/mL c(K,Zn,Mn,Si)=50 μg/mL c(K2CO3)=1 mol/L c(K2Cr2O7)=0.01 mol/L c(K2Cr2O7)=0.01667 mol/L c(K2Cr2O7)=0.05 mol/L c(K2CrO4)=0.5 mol/L c(K2CrO4)=1 mol/L c(K2SO4)=100 mg/L c(KBr)=0.01 mol/L c(KBr)=0.1 mol/L c(KBr)=200 μg/mL c(KBrO3)=0.01667 mol/L c(KCl)=0.01 mol/L c(KCl)=0.1 mol/L c(KCl)=0.2 mol/L c(KCl)=0.4 mol/L c(KCl)=1 mol/L c(KCl)=2 mol/L c(KCl)=3 mol/L c(KCl)=3.3 mol/L c(KF)=2 mol/L c(KH2PO4)=0.025 mol/L c(KH2PO4)=0.05mol c(KH2PO4)=0.1 mol/L c(KHC8H4O4)=0.02 mol/L c(KHC8H4O4)=0.05 mol/L c(KHC8H4O4)=0.1 mol/L c(KI)=0.01 mol/L c(KI)=0.02 mol/L c(KI)=0.05 mol/L c(KI)=0.1 mol/L c(KI)=0.5 mol/L c(KI)=1 mol/L c(KI)=2.5 mol/L c(KIO3)=0.01667 mol/L c(KIO3)=0.05 mol/L c(KMnO4)= 0.002000 mol/L (0.01N) c(KMnO4)= 0.1000 mol/L (0.5N) c(KMnO4)=0.004 mol/L c(KMnO4)=0.02 mol/L c(KNO3)=0.1 mol/L c(KNO3)=1 mol/L c(KNO3)=100 mg/L c(KNO3)=2 mol/L c(KNO3)=2.5 mol/L c(KNO3)=3 mol/L c(KNO3)=500 mg/L c(KNO3)=600 mg/L c(KOH)=0.01 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.01 mol/L c(KOH)=0.015 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.015 mol/L c(KOH)=0.02 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.02 mol/L c(KOH)=0.05 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.05 mol/L c(KOH)=0.05mol/L溶于95%乙醇 c(KOH)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(KOH)=0.1 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.1 mol/L c(KOH)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(KOH)=0.2 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.2 mol/L c(KOH)=0.5 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=0.5 mol/L c(KOH)=0.5mol/L溶于95%乙醇 c(KOH)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(KOH)=1 mol/L(乙醇基质) c(KOH)=1 mol/L c(KOH)=2 mol/L c(KSCN)=0.01 mol/L c(KSCN)=0.02 mol/L c(KSCN)=0.025 mol/L c(KSCN)=0.05 mol/L c(KSCN)=0.1 mol/L c(La)=100 μg/mL c(La)=1000 μg/mL c(La,Ce,Pr,Nd,Sm)=100 μg/mL c(La,Ce,Pr,Nd,Sm,Eu,Gd,Tb,Dy,Ho,Er,Tm,Yb,Lu,Y)=100 μg/mL c(La,Ce,Pr,Nd,Sm,Eu,Gd,Tb,Dy,Ho,Er,Tm,Yb,Lu,Y,Sc)=100 μg/mL c(La,Ce,Pr,Nd,Sm,Eu,Gd,Tb,Dy,Y,Ho,Er,Tm,Yb)=100 μg/mL c(La,Mn,Ni,Sr,Li,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Li)=10 μg/mL c(Li)=1000 μg/mL c(Li+ )=50 μg/mL,c(Na+ )=200 μg/mL,c(NH4+)=250 μg/mL,c(K+ )=500 μg/mL,c(Mg2+ )=250 μg/mL,c(Ca2+)=500 μg/mL c(Li+ )=50 μg/mL,c(Na+ )=200 μg/mL,c(NH4+)=400 μg/mL,c(K+ )=200 μg/mL,c(Mg2+ )=200 μg/mL,c(Ca2+)=1000 μg/mL c(Li,Be,B,Na,Mg,Al,P,K,Ca,Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Mo,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,Sr,Zr,Ag,Cd,Sn,Ba,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Li,Be,Si,V,Cr,Co,Ni,Ga,Ge,Se,Mo,Cd,Sn,Ba,Ta,Tl,Pb,Bi,B,Al,Ti,Cu,Sr,Mn)=10 μg/mL c(Li,Fe,P)=100 μg/mL c(Li,Fe,P)=1000 μg/mL c(Li,Na,K,Ni,Mn,Co,Mg,Ca,Al,Cu,Fe,P,Cr)=1000 μg/mL c(Li,Ni,Co,Mn,P,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Li,Ni,Co,Mn,P,Ti,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Li,Sc,Ge,In,Re,Bi,Tb)=100 μg/mL c(Li,Sc,Ge,Y,In,B)=10 μg/mL c(Li,Sc,Ge,Y,In,Bi)=100 μg/mL c(Lu)=1000 μg/mL c(Mg)=1 μg/mL c(Mg)=10 μg/mL c(Mg)=100 μg/mL c(Mg)=2 μg/mL c(Mg)=3 μg/mL c(Mg)=4 μg/mL c(Mg)=40 μg/mL c(Mg)=5 μg/mL c(Mg)=50 μg/mL c(Mg)=500 μg/mL c(Mg)=8 μg/mL c(Mg)=950 μg/mL,c(Zn)=55 μg/mL,c(Zr)=5 μg/mL c(Mg,Ca)=1000 μg/mL c(Mg,Cu,Cd,Ba,Ce,Pb,In)=100 μg/mL c(Mg,Cu,Cd,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Mg,Mo)=500 μg/mL c(Mg,Na,Cu,K,Ca,Fe,Zn,Mn,Ni,Al,Cr,Pb,Co,As,Sb)=100 μg/mL c(Mg,P,K,Ca,Fe,Zn,Na)=100 μg/mL c(MgCl2)=0.01 mol/L c(MgCl2)=0.05 mol/L c(MgCl2)=0.1 mol/L c(MgCl2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(MgCl2)=1 mol/L c(MgSO4)=0.01 mol/L c(MgSO4)=0.05 mol/L c(MgSO4)=0.1 mol/L c(Mn)=1 μg/mL c(Mn)=10 μg/mL c(Mn)=100 μg/mL c(Mn)=2 μg/mL c(Mn)=5 μg/mL c(Mn)=50 μg/mL c(Mn)=500 μg/mL c(Mn,Ca,Mg,K,Na,Al,Ba,Fe,Be)=100 μg/mL c(Mn,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Mn,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Mn,Na,Cu,K,Pb)=1000 μg/mL c(Mn,Ni,Cr,Mo)=100 μg/mL c(Mo)=1 μg/mL c(Mo)=100 μg/mL c(Mo)=1000 μg/mL c(Mo)=250 μg/mL c(Mo)=400 μg/mL c(Mo)=50 μg/mL c(Mo)=500 μg/mL c(Mo,Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Mo,Sb,Sn,As,Cd,Co,Cr,Ni,Pb,Se,Tl,V,B,Ba,Cu,Mn,Ti,Zn,Sr,Al,Fe,Ca,K,Mg,Na)=100 μg/mL c(Mo,Si,Sn,Ti,Re,Sb,S)=100 μg/mL c(N)=0.5 μg/mL c(N)=1 μg/mL c(N)=1.5 μg/mL c(N)=10 μg/mL c(N)=100 μg/mL c(N)=1000 μg/mL c(N)=15 μg/mL c(N)=2 μg/mL c(N)=2.5 μg/mL c(N)=20 μg/mL c(N)=200 μg/mL c(N)=25 μg/mL c(N)=3 μg/mL c(N)=30 μg/mL c(N)=40 μg/mL c(N)=5 μg/mL c(N)=500 μg/mL c(N)=6 μg/mL c(N)=7 μg/mL c(N)=70 μg/mL c(N)=80 μg/mL c(NH2SO3H)=1 mol/L c(NH2SO3H)=100 g/L c(NH3)=10 μg/mL c(NH3)=100 μg/mL c(NH3)=1000 μg/mL c(NH3)=500 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=0.5 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=1 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=1.5 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=10 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=100 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=1000 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=15 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=17.6 mg/L c(NH3-N)=2 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=2.5 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=20 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=200 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=2000 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=25 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=2800 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=3 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=30 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=4 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=4.46 mg/L c(NH3-N)=40 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=5 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=50 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=500 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=7.5 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=70 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=8 μg/mL c(NH3-N)=80 μg/mL c(NH4+)=100 μg/mL c(NH4+)=1000 μg/mL c(NH4+)=5 μg/mL c(NH4+)=50 μg/mL c(NH4+,Ba,Ca2+,K+,Li+,Mg2+,Mn2+,Na+,Sr2+ )=100 μg/mL c(NH4Cl)=1 mol/L c(NH4Cl)=2 mol/L c(NH4SCN)=0.01 mol/L c(NH4SCN)=0.05 mol/L c(NH4SCN)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(NH4SCN)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(NH4SCN)=0.5 mol/L c(NH4SCN)=1 mol/L c(NO2-)=0.5 μg/mL c(NO2-)=1 μg/mL c(NO2-)=100 μg/mL c(NO2-)=1000 μg/mL c(NO2-)=200 μg/mL c(NO2-)=2000 μg/mL c(NO2-)=2300 μg/mL c(NO2-)=250 μg/mL c(NO2-)=4.04 mg/L c(NO2-)=50 μg/mL c(NO2-)=5000 μg/mL c(NO2-N)=100 μg/mL c(NO2-N)=1000 μg/mL c(NO2-N)=250 μg/mL c(NO2-N)=50 mg/L c(NO2-N)=50 μg/mL c(NO3-)=1 μg/mL c(NO3-)=10 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=80 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=200 μg/mL c(NO3-)=10 μg/mL c(NO3-)=100 μg/mL c(NO3-)=1000 μg/mL c(NO3-)=20 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=160 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=400 μg/mL c(NO3-)=20 μg/mL c(NO3-)=200 μg/mL c(NO3-)=30 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=240 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=600 μg/mL c(NO3-)=3000 μg/mL c(NO3-)=5 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=40 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=100 μg/mL c(NO3-)=5 μg/mL c(NO3-)=50 μg/mL,c(Cl-)=400 μg/mL,c(SO42-)=1000 μg/mL c(NO3-)=50 μg/mL c(NO3-)=500 μg/mL c(NO3-)=620 μg/mL c(NO3-N)=10 mg/L c(NO3-N)=10 μg/mL c(NO3-N)=100 μg/mL c(NO3-N)=1000 μg/mL c(NO3-N)=20 mg/L c(NO3-N)=50 mg/L c(NO3-N)=500 μg/mL c(Na)=1 μg/mL c(Na)=10 μg/mL c(Na)=1000 μg/mL,c(K)=500 μg/mL,c(Ca,Mg)=100 μg/mL,c(Hg,Ag,Pb,Bi,As,Sb,Sn,Cd,Cu,Mo,Fe,Ni,Cr,Co,Al)=25 μg/mL c(Na)=10000 μg/mL c(Na)=2 μg/mL c(Na)=20 μg/mL c(Na)=2000 μg/mL c(Na)=2300 μg/mL c(Na)=3 μg/mL c(Na)=4 μg/mL c(Na)=5 μg/mL c(Na)=500 μg/mL c(Na)=5000 μg/mL c(Na)=90 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,K+)=100 μg/mLc(Mg2+,Ca2+)=250 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+,Ca2+ )=10 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+,Ca2+ )=100 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+,Ca2+ )=1000 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+,Ca2+ )=500 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+ )=10 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+ )=100 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=1 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=10 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=100 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=2 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=20 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=4 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=40 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=5 μg/mL c(Na+,NH4+,Li+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+ )=8 μg/mL c(Na,Fe,K,Ca,Cu,Cr,Mg,Ni,Zn,As,Pb,Hg,Cd,Al)=50 μg/mL c(Na,Fe,Zn,Cu,Cr,Co,Ni,B)=100 μg/mL c(Na,K,Ca,Cr,Fe,Ni,Pb,Zn,Cu,Mg,Al,P)=100 μg/mL c(Na,K,Cu,Fe,Pb,Zn,Cr,Cd,Ni,Ca,Mg,Mn,As,Hg,Ba,Al,Co,Sn)=100 μg/mL c(Na,Mg,Al,Ca,K,Cr,Fe,Mn,Ni,Co,Cu,Zn,Cd,Pb)=1000 μg/mL c(Na,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Sn,Sr,Ti,Tl,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Na2C2O4)= 0.005000 mol/L (0.01N) c(Na2HPO4)=0.025 mol/L c(Na2HPO4)=0.03 mol/L c(Na2HPO4)=0.2 mol/L c(Na2HPO4)=0.5 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.001 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.002 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.005 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.0125 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(Na2S2O3)=0.02 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.025 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.03 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.04 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(Na2S2O3)=0.1 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)= 0.1000 mol/L (0.1N) c(Na2S2O3)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(Na2S2O3)=0.2 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.25 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.282 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.5 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(Na2S2O3)=1 mol/L c(Na2S2O3)=3.5 g/L c(Na2SO4)=0.01 mol/L c(Na2WO4.2H2O)=100 g/L c(NaCl)=0.01 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.014 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(NaCl)=0.02 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.05 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.1 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(NaCl)=0.2 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.5 mol/L c(NaCl)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(NaCl)=1 mol/L c(NaCl)=10 μg/mL c(NaCl)=100 μg/mL c(NaCl)=1000 μg/mL c(NaCl)=2 mol/L c(NaCl)=230 μg/mL c(NaCl)=3 mol/L c(NaCl)=300 μg/mL c(NaCl)=32 μg/mL c(NaCl)=320 μg/mL c(NaCl)=5 mol/L c(NaCl)=50 μg/mL c(NaCl)=500 μg/mL c(NaCl)=600 μg/mL c(NaCl)=750 μg/mL c(NaClO)=0.05 mol/L c(NaF)=0.1 mol/L c(NaF)=100 μg/mL c(NaH2PO4)=0.2 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=0.025 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=0.05 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=0.1 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=0.2 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=0.5 mol/L c(NaHCO3)=1 mol/L c(NaHSO3)=10 g/L c(NaHSO3)=12 g/L c(NaHSO4)=0.03 mol/L c(NaHSO4)=0.1 mol/L c(NaHSO4)=0.3 mol/L c(NaNO2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(NaNO2)=200 μg/mL c(NaNO3)=0.1 mol/L c(NaNO3)=0.5 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.001 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.002 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.005 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.01mol/L溶于H2O c(NaOH)=0.02 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.025 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.05 mol/L(乙醇介质) c(NaOH)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(NaOH)=0.1 mol/L(乙醇介质) c(NaOH)=0.15 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(NaOH)=0.2 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.25 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.3 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.4 mol/L c(NaOH)=0.5mol/L溶于H2O c(NaOH)=1.2 mol/L c(NaOH)=1.5 mol/L c(NaOH)=1.8 mol/L c(NaOH)=18 g/L c(NaOH)=1mol/L溶于H2O c(NaOH)=2 mol/L c(NaOH)=2.5 mol/L c(NaOH)=3 mol/L c(NaOH)=3.5 mol/L c(NaOH)=4 mol/L c(NaOH)=5 mol/L c(NaOH)=6 mol/L c(NaSCN)=0.1 mol/L c(Nb)=100 μg/mL c(Nb)=1000 μg/mL c(Nd)=1000 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.05 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.08 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.1 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.2 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.3 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.4 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.5 μg/mL c(Ni)=0.8 μg/mL c(Ni)=1 μg/mL c(Ni)=1.5 μg/mL c(Ni)=10 μg/mL c(Ni)=100 μg/mL c(Ni)=1000 μg/mL c(Ni)=2 μg/mL c(Ni)=20 μg/mL c(Ni)=200 μg/mL,c(Co,Mn,Li,Fe,Cu,Al)=100μg/m c(Ni)=200 μg/mL c(Ni)=3 μg/mL c(Ni)=300 μg/mL c(Ni)=35 g/Kg c(Ni)=350 μg/mL c(Ni)=4 μg/mL c(Ni)=400 μg/mL c(Ni)=450 μg/mL c(Ni)=5 μg/mL c(Ni)=50 μg/mL c(Ni)=500 μg/mL c(Ni)=6 μg/mL c(Ni)=8 μg/mL c(Ni,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Ni,Co,Cr,Zn )=100 μg/mL c(Ni,Co,Mn)=1000 μg/mL c(Ni,Pb,Fe,Cu,Zn,Cr,Co)=50 μg/mL c(Ni,Zn,Cr,Cu,Co,Ca,Mg,Al,Na,Mn)=1000 μg/mL c(NiSO4)=0.01 mol/L c(NiSO4)=0.05 mol/L c(NiSO4)=0.1 mol/L c(NiSO4)=0.5 mol/L c(Os)=1000 μg/mL c(P)=0.25 μg/mL c(P)=0.4 μg/mL c(P)=0.424 mg/L c(P)=1.5 μg/mL c(P)=15 μg/mL c(P)=16 μg/mL c(P)=200 μg/mL c(P)=3 μg/mL c(P)=4 μg/mL c(P)=5 μg/mL c(P)=8 μg/mL c(P,Si,Zr)=1000 μg/mL c(PO43-)=0.5 μg/mL c(PO43-)=1 μg/mL c(PO43-)=10 μg/mL c(PO43-)=100 μg/mL c(PO43-)=1000 μg/mL c(PO43-)=15 μg/mL c(PO43-)=2 μg/mL c(PO43-)=20 μg/mL c(PO43-)=3 μg/mL c(PO43-)=300 μg/mL c(PO43-)=5 μg/mL c(PO43-)=500 μg/mL c(Pb)=0.5 μg/mL c(Pb)=1 μg/mL c(Pb)=10 μg/mL,c(As)=50 μg/mL,c(Cd)=20 μg/mL,c(Hg)=100 μg/mL,c(Cu)=150 μg/mL c(Pb)=10 μg/mL c(Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Pb)=1000 μg/mL c(Pb)=15 μg/mL c(Pb)=2 μg/mL c(Pb)=20 μg/mL c(Pb)=2000 μg/mL c(Pb)=3 μg/mL c(Pb)=4 μg/mL c(Pb)=40 μg/mL c(Pb)=5 μg/mL c(Pb)=500 μg/mL,c(Cd)=5 μg/mL c(Pb)=500 μg/mL c(Pb)=5000 μg/mL c(Pb)=6 μg/mL c(Pb)=8 μg/mL c(Pb,Ca,Fe,Ni,Zn,Mg,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Ca,Fe,Ni,Zn,Mg,Cd)=1000 μg/mL c(Pb,Ca,Fe,Ni,Zn,Mg,Cd,As,Ti,Hg,In,Al,Cr,Sb,Co)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Ca,Fe,Ni,Zn,Mg,Cd,As,Ti,Hg,In,Al,Cr,Sb,Co)=1000 μg/mL c(Pb,Ca,Fe,Ni,Zn,Mg,Cd,As,Ti,In,Al,Cr,Sb,Co)=1000 μg/mL c(Pb,Cd)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Cd,As,Hg,Co,V,Ni,Li,Sb,Cu)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Cd,Be,Ni)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Cr,Cu,As)=10 μg/mL c(Pb,Cr,Hg,Cd,As)=10 μg/mL c(Pb,Cr,Hg,Cd,As)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Li,Ti)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Zn,Cu,Ni,As,Sb,Bi,Cd,Cr,Ca,Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Pb,Zn,Sn,Fe)=100 μg/mL c(Pd)=0.5 μg/mL c(Pd)=1 μg/mL c(Pd)=1.5 μg/mL c(Pd)=10 μg/mL c(Pd)=100 μg/mL c(Pd)=1000 μg/mL c(Pd)=15 μg/mL c(Pd)=20 μg/mL c(Pd)=3 μg/mL c(Pd)=30 μg/mL c(Pd)=40 μg/mL c(Pd)=5 μg/mL c(Pd)=50 μg/mL c(Pd)=9 μg/mL c(Pd,Pt,Au)=100 μg/mL c(Pd,Pt,Re)=100 μg/mL c(Pr)=100 μg/mL c(Pr)=1000 μg/mL c(Pt)=10 μg/mL c(Pt)=100 μg/mL c(Pt)=1000 μg/mL c(Pt)=15 μg/mL c(Pt)=20 μg/mL c(Pt)=30 μg/mL c(Pt)=5 μg/mL c(Pt,Co)=1000 μg/mL c(Pt,Ir)=100 μg/mL c(Pt,Pd)=100 μg/mL c(Rb)=100 μg/mL c(Rb)=1000 μg/mL c(Re)=100 μg/mL c(Re)=1000 μg/mL c(Rh)=100 μg/mL c(Rh)=1000 μg/mL c(Rh)=3 μg/mL c(Rh)=6 μg/mL c(Rh)=9 μg/mL c(Ru)=100 μg/mL c(Ru)=1000 μg/mL c(S)=0.5 μg/mL c(S)=1 μg/mL c(S)=10 μg/mL c(S)=10.5 mg/L c(S)=100 μg/mL c(S)=1000 μg/mL c(S)=100µg/mL c(S)=2 μg/mL c(S)=20 μg/mL c(S)=50 μg/mL c(SCN)=1000 mg/L c(SO2)=0.484 mg/L c(SO2)=100 mg/L c(SO32-)=1000 mg/L c(SO42-)=1 μg/mL c(SO42-)=10 μg/mL c(SO42-)=100 μg/mL c(SO42-)=1000 μg/mL c(SO42-)=20 μg/mL c(SO42-)=200 μg/mL c(SO42-)=2000 μg/mL c(SO42-)=30 μg/mL c(SO42-)=5 μg/mL c(SO42-)=50 μg/mL c(SO42-)=500 μg/mL c(SO42-)=5000 μg/mL c(Sb)=5 μg/mL c(Sb)=500 μg/mL c(Sb,Al,As,Ba,Be,Cd,Cr,Co,Cu,Pb,Mn,Mo,Ni,Se,Ag,Tl,V,Zn,Bi,Sr,Sn,Li)=100 μg/mL c(Sb,As,Ba,Cd,Cr,Pb,Hg,Se)=100 μg/mL c(Sb,As,Be,Cd,Ca,Cr,Cu,Co,Pb,Mg,Mn,Mo,Ni,Fe,Li,Se,Sr,Tl,Ti,V,Zn)=100 μg/mL c(Sb,Sn)=10 μg/mL c(Sc)=1000 μg/mL c(Sc,Ge,In,Re,Rh,Bi)=100 μg/mL c(Se)=1 μg/mL c(Se)=10 μg/mL c(Se)=100 μg/mL c(Se)=1000 μg/mL c(Se)=2 μg/mL c(Se,As)=1000 μg/mL c(Si)=0.1 μg/mL,c(Fe)=0.1 μg/mL,c(Ti)=5 μg/mL,c(B)=0.1 μg/mL c(Si)=1 μg/mL c(Si)=10 μg/mL c(Si)=100 μg/mL c(Si)=1000 μg/mL c(Si)=200 μg/mL c(Si)=250 μg/mL c(Si)=400 μg/mL c(Si)=50 μg/mL c(Si)=500 μg/mL c(Si,Ba,Cu,Fe,Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(SiO2)=1 μg/mL c(SiO2)=10 μg/mL c(SiO2)=100 μg/mL c(SiO2)=1000 μg/mL c(SiO2)=20 μg/mL c(SiO2)=250 μg/mL c(SiO2)=5 μg/mL c(SiO2)=500 μg/mL c(SiO32-)=10 μg/mL c(SiO32-)=100 μg/mL c(SiO32-)=1000 μg/mL c(SiO32-)=300 μg/mL c(SiO32-)=500 μg/mL c(Sm)=1000 μg/mL c(Sn)=1 μg/mL c(Sn)=10 μg/mL c(Sn)=100 μg/mL c(Sn)=1000 μg/mL c(Sn)=120 μg/mL c(Sn)=15 μg/mL c(Sn)=2 μg/mL c(Sn)=20 μg/mL c(Sn)=200 μg/mL c(Sn)=3 μg/mL c(Sn)=4 μg/mL c(Sn)=40 μg/mL c(Sn)=5 μg/mL c(Sn)=50 μg/mL c(Sn)=500 μg/mL c(Sn)=60 μg/mL c(Sn)=80 μg/mL c(Sn,Mn,Na,Cu,K,Pb,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Sn,Sb,Se,Bi)=1000 μg/mL c(Sn4+)=1000 μg/mL c(Sr)=100 μg/mL c(Sr)=1000 μg/mL c(Sr,Sb)=100 μg/mL c(Ta)=100 μg/mL c(Ta)=1000 μg/mL c(Tb)=1000 μg/mL c(Te)=100 μg/mL c(Te)=1000 μg/mL c(Te,Bi,Pb,Ag)=100 μg/mL c(Ti)=1 μg/mL c(Ti)=100 μg/mL c(Ti)=1000 μg/mL c(Ti)=250 μg/mL c(Ti)=400 μg/mL c(Ti)=5000 μg/mL c(Ti,Fe)=1000 μg/mL c(Tl,As,Pb,Cr,Mn,Ni,Se,Sb,Cu,Co)=100 μg/mL c(Tm)=10 μg/mL c(Tm)=1000 μg/mL c(V)=1000 μg/mL c(V)=500 μg/mL c(V,Al,Si,Na,Zn,P,Ca)=100 μg/mL c(V,Ti)=100 μg/mL c(W)=100 μg/mL c(W)=1000 μg/mL c(Y)=1000 μg/mL c(Yb)=1000 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.02 mol/L c(Zn)=0.025 mol/L c(Zn)=0.05 mol/L c(Zn)=0.05 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(Zn)=0.1 mol/L c(Zn)=0.1 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(Zn)=0.2 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.3 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.4 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.5 mol/L c(Zn)=0.6 μg/mL c(Zn)=0.8 μg/mL c(Zn)=1.5 μg/mL c(Zn)=10 μg/mL c(Zn)=100 μg/mL,c(Ni)=100 μg/mL,c(Mn)=50 μg/mL,c(Cr)=100 μg/mL,c(Cu)=50 μg/mL,c(Ba)=50 μg/mL c(Zn)=1000 μg/mL c(Zn)=10000 μg/mL c(Zn)=20 μg/mL c(Zn)=200 μg/mL c(Zn)=3 μg/mL c(Zn)=4 μg/mL c(Zn)=5 μg/mL c(Zn)=50 μg/mL c(Zn)=500 μg/mL,c(Fe)=1000 μg/mL,c(Ag)=50 μg/mL,c(P)=250 μg/mL,c(Al)=1000 μg/mL c(Zn)=500 μg/mL c(Zn)=6 μg/mL c(Zn,Cd,Pb,Cu,Cr)=100 μg/mL c(Zn,Cr,Cd,Mn,Hg,As,Se,Fe,Pb,Cu,Al)=100 μg/mL c(Zn,Cu,Cr,Cd,Mn,Ni,As,Pb,Hg)=10 μg/mL c(Zn,Fe,Ag,P,Al,)=100 μg/mL c(Zn,Fe,Pb)=100 μg/mL c(Zn,Fe,Pb)=1000 μg/mL c(Zn,Pb,Ni,Cd,Fe,Cr,Cu,Ag)=1000 μg/mL c(ZnCl2)=0.01 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.02 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.025 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.025mol/L溶于H2O c(ZnCl2)=0.03 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.05 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.05mol/L溶于H2O c(ZnCl2)=0.1 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(ZnCl2)=0.2 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=0.5 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=1 mol/L c(ZnCl2)=2 mol/L c(ZnO)=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c(ZnSO4)=0.01 mol/L c(ZnSO4)=0.02 mol/L c(ZnSO4)=0.05 mol/L c(ZnSO4)=0.2 mol/L c(ZnSO4)=0.5 mol/L c(ZnSO4)=1 mol/L c(Zr)=100 μg/mL c(Zr)=1000 μg/mL c(Zr,Hf,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Ti)=100 μg/mL c={K4[Fe(CN)6]}=0.05 mol/L c={K4[Fe(CN)6]}=0.1 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.01 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.02 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.025 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.05 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.15 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.2 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.25 mol/L c[(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2]=0.5 mol/L c[(NH4)2SO4]=0.05 mol/L c[(NH4)2SO4]=0.1 mol/L c[(NH4)2SO4]=0.5 mol/L c[(NH4)2SO4]=1 mol/L c[1/2Ba(OH)2]=0.02 mol/L c[1/2Ba(OH)2]=0.2 mol/L c[1/2Ba(OH)2]=0.5 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2=0.1 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.01 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.014 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.025 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.04 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.05 mol/L c[1/2Hg(NO3)2]=0.2 mol/L c[1/8]=0.02 mol/L c[2(NH4)2SO4.Ce(SO4)2]=0.02 mol/L c[2(NH4)2SO4.Ce(SO4)2]=0.1 mol/L c[2(NH4)2SO4.Ce(SO4)2]=0.15 mol/L c[2(NH4)2SO4.Ce(SO4)2]=0.2 mol/L c[Ba(NO3)2]=0.05 mol/L c[Ba(OH)2]=0.06 mol/L c[Ba(OH)2]=0.12 mol/L c[Bi(NO3)3]=0.01 mol/L c[Bi(NO3)3]=0.1 mol/L c[Ca(CH3COO)2]=0.1 mol/L c[Ca(CH3COO)2]=0.25 mol/L c[Ca(CH3COO)2]=0.5 mol/L c[Ca(CH3COO)2]=1 mol/L c[Ca(NO3)2]=0.01 mol/L c[Ca(NO3)2]=0.1 mol/L c[Ca(NO3)2]=0.5 mol/L c[Ca(NO3)2]=1 mol/L c[Ce(SO4) 2]=0.1mol/L溶于H2O c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.01 mol/L c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.02 mol/L c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.05 mol/L c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.15 mol/L c[Ce(SO4)2]=0.2 mol/L c[Cu(NO3)2]=0.01 mol/L c[Cu(NO3)2]=0.05 mol/L c[Hg(NO3)2]=0.02 mol/L